À propos de nous

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Founded in 1997, A.M.G. - Services are ship brokers & agents in the Fos - Marseille area and on the Rhone/ Saone rivers.

With the time we became under others specialized in Heavy Lift / Project shipments and the transport of cement in bulk but we remain of course also active in our initial business, the chartering of bulk vessels up to 20.000 mt.

On the Rhone / Saône we are organizing the loading of merchandize into river-traders or barges, the transhipment into seagoing vessels at Arles or Fos, or vice versa, and the chartering of such vessels.

Our activty is actually worldwide and some 30 years of experience in shipping guarantee our customers economic and quick solutions for their needs.

We are able to propose a great flexibility and 24/24 service.

We work for a range of direct charteres, under others for big industrial groups handling cargos of bulk grains,bulk and bagged fertilizers, steels, minerals sand and heavy lift/projects cargos.


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