About Us

Welcome to AMG-SERVICES : AMG-SERVICES was established in 1996 by 3 partners being based in Arles, Monaco and Genoa, wherefore the name AMG - SERVICES. AMG-SERVICES is meanwhile well known and respected all over the international shipping market. At the beginning AMG-SERVICES was concentrated on the rivers Rhone & Saone, having had upto 6 vessels under our management. Later we were changing more and more into coastal chartering and Project / Heavy Lift and are meanwhile very active with such type of cargos all over the world. AMG-SERVICES became furthermore specialists in the transport and manipulation of cement and flyash in bulk, covering shipments of upto 25.000 mt, using mostly pneumatic cement carriers. Whether you are looking for a river barge, coastal vessels or any kind of deepsea tonnage, our chartering department will be happy to assist you in finding the right tonnage on the right place and time.


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